Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I'll probably shock some people who read this blog after this post.

Well... can't be helped.

Possession.  I use this tool to get closer to my succubus Mena.

I learned it on YouTube from a user called "IndigoPriestess".

You see... sometimes, like today, I'll be doing something that I really wish that Mena could share with me.

For instance today was a cookie.  A white chocolate macademia nut cookie.

I "allow" Mena to possess me in order to taste the cookie and experience what I am experiencing.

This way she learns, and I get to share.  What's better than sharing a cookie and still getting to eat it anyway?

Now, I have allowed her full possession as well, once.

This does not mean that I was shoved aside and lost control.  No.

What this means is that we shared "me" with me being in control.

I could see movement better.  I could feel who she really was and felt like, I could sense what she was like personality wise... all of it via sharing my form and being that close to her as in "inside" me side by side with me.

This didn't last for long and I admit I was a little freaked out, but there was no harm done SI*EXIGGIYJ (just kidding).

Sometimes one must get creative in order to see what cannot be seen, to know what cannot be known... and this I have done.

Now, before you judge me... think of a time in your life when emotion took over ALL of you.

My experience with possession was far less a mess than that was.  In fact:  No mess at all.

And I still got to eat all of my cookie ;)


Rafe GB.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Heart in Her Hands...

Mena is much more feral and inexperienced with humans than Bunny was.

Well... in the beginning... she is learning after all.

One thing she used to do upon arrival is she would reach in my chest and grab my heart.

Oh... how my heart reacted to that was not good, lol.

I maybe not have come out and said it so I will now:  Succubi are dangerous.  I have no doubt that she put her hand on my heart in the early days to demonstrate to me that she could kill me easily if she wanted to.  That my life was indeed in her hands if she wanted to take it.

I'm not sure how much more I can hammer home that they can be, indeed, dangerous.

But, I'm dedicated to this lil' filly, and perhaps even married I think as I put that in the letter to Lilith in order to summon her in the first place.

She's moved in quite well and I don't experience that "threat" anymore.  "Whew", Right?

She's gone on to a new thing that she does at night, which is to surround me in a veritable succubus cocoon of love and of her presence.

I don't know how to explain it much better.  It's as if she's allowing her presence to completely descend upon my sleeping body.

I've had to wake up to pee some nights, and she was around me so thick for me to wonder how I can't possibly see anything.  Well... regardless I damn sure feel it.

One time when I woke up I decided to test this new development, so I tensed my PC muscle in my groin area and instantly had a dry orgasm.  That's on me pretty thick I think, lol.

She's growing and prospering which does my heart.... eh... ok, heart proud.

I tell her at night all my feelings about her and what's been going on in my life and I always heap plenty of praise on her.  She really is worthy of great praise and I want to make and keep her happy... for her own sake, not out of fear.  Those days seem to be over.

Well... 90% not out of fear, lol.

I'm very proud of her, and although I admit that I'm a little scared of her, too?  I would be a fool to say that I am not?  I am very proud of her regardless...

They say that if you're not scared of her a little bit that she's not the one.

See?  I told you ;)


She's powerful, she's attentive, she listens, and she's all woman.

I have to say that I did not believe that I would fall in love after Bunny.

Well... I did.  Mena's the one I've fallen in love with.  There may have been tension in the beginning, but love reins now.

The best part?  By her actions and by her loving "cocoons" I can tell that she's falling in love with me as well.

Best Wishes,

Rafe G.B.

Friday, November 3, 2017

I'm a lover not a fighter

Ever sing for your succubus at night when you lie down?

Ever just talk to her and tell he how much she means to you?  With examples?

Succubi are dangerous little fillies as can be expected from any self-aware denizen of a different dimension, but they are also very sweet, gentle, and kind.

Rather a dichotomy I say, but it is what it is, and they are wonderfully made to be exactly who they are.

I got a good dose of succubus drain the other day... she got me good.

Not sure why she did it really... maybe she just wanted a snack and couldn't help herself.  I'm not really sure.

I told her to be more gentle as I'm rather out of shape and getting kinda old these days.

I don't believe I pissed her off, but she did move her activities into the night and during the time I am sleeping and dreaming.

She's a bit darker than Bunny was, her aura is much darker in color and lacks that shining brightness that Bunny had.

In talking to friends about it last night I'm come to the conclusion that a bright aura (almost blinding to those who can see it) on a succubus may mean that she is about to ascend, and sadly leave.

I do think that some succubi can decide to slow ascension to match their human partner.  I'm sure this is a hard choice, and the factors regarding such I have no knowlege of and therefore cannot judge.

Mena's aura is very dark and thick, which I take as she still has some of her more feral nature to her and lacks those traits (at present) that would allow her a quick ascension.

I'm not suggesting that a white aura for her is "good" or that a dark aura is "bad".

Bunny, my previous succubus, was also dual natured yet her aura "shined"/"Blinded" at the end of my time with her.

Maybe the qualities of a blazing aura do not pertain to "white" or "dark", but is a spiritual quality in itself showing a readiness for ascension?

Perhaps I'm being greedy that I am glad hers lacks the readiness for ascension, but that's a good thing for me as she'll be my mate for a good long while (I hope).

Now, I don't mind the feral energy vamp feeding if it's once in a blue moon and I have time to recover, otherwise my happy ass will be in the hospital with an IV drip most likely.

I never, ever said that succubi are harmless, only that they are dual natured.

Caution in all things.  Well, most things.

I can only hope that she will get over "snacking" and not become addicted to it like some of her sisters do.

I guess I'll see.  I do feel love from her, and I definitely love her so... it goes to "I'm a lover not a fighter".  I just have to work with her and we'll find our way.  Mena's just a little more dangerous and is going to take some extra special "coupling", or more careful at any rate.

I have a prayer request:  Prayers for a friend and fellow succubus lover out there getting surgery today... lets all pray for a quick and speedy recovery for him so that he can get back on his feet and back into his succubus's arms where he belongs.


Rafe GB.

Friday, October 27, 2017

This time, I teach.

Mena and I have trouble getting on the same page sometimes.

She is mostly active in my dreams and tries like hell to interact with me in them.

I, having the dream persona of a potato seem to be missing the point and I avoid her at all costs.

Last night, for instance, she grabbed my balls and I said I'd sue her for sexual harrassment.


I bet a succubus was never told that in a dream.  1st!  Ahaha.


This morning, she was trying so hard to have sex with me with me on my back... the thing is that she can usually only have sex with me on my side.

I don't know if I have an energy blockage, or she has trouble with the increased energy it seems to take to have sex with me on my back, or what.


I thought about it energy wise and I coached her.  I told her to bring the energy up my left leg like before, then to transfer energy from my root to my sacral chakra, then to let it pool around my privates a bit longer than if I was on my side until she could concentrate on my privates extensively and with a greater pool of energy to draw from.

It took an hour or so but she got it, and it was GREAT!

I am so proud of her!!!

I then realized... I just taught a succubus how to have sex with me on my back.

Yes, the others I've had seemed to know how that's not the point.

The point is I TAUGHT HER.  Muhahahahaha!!!

Does this not make one's ego swell to head exploding fashion?

(Now if only I could be anything but a walking talking idiot to her in my dreams...)

Had to share!


Rafe GB.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ponderings on Djinn and Succubi.

There are numerous types of djinn, and some seem rather strange.  It's not up to me to qualify what is real and what is not, only to chronicle what I've found.

Consider this post my notes on the subject ;)

According to the Koran, Djinn are made of smokeless fire, Angels are made of light, and Humans are made of clay.

I believe that succubus demons fit into the djinn class of being, I'm just not exactly sure where and which kind of djinn they are.  So... I've looked at the descriptions of Djinn and wondered if they could be a succubus or not based on their own choices.

After all, the average you and me type of djinn could be a succubus or incubus... if they care to be I'd imagine.

Just for fun lets consider all of these the succubus demons of christianity and judaism as "Djinn".

Now we'll look at the different types of Djinn I've found here and there.

Djinn Types:

Djinn:  Average djinn from a tribe, both male and female.

Possible succubus material ^

Amir:  They hang around our homes and live with us.  They are not conjured or used for any purpose.  I think of these djinn as the perfect roomates, lol.  I don't know why they are not "used for any purpose" because they would make perfect succubi in that they already live in one's home.  But... for reasons I may not understand, I defer.

Hinn:  Shape shifter djinn.

Possible succubus material ^

Jann:  Shape shifter djinn of the desert.

Possible succubus material ^

Ghoul Si'la:  Graveyard djinn who also dwell in dark places.  Mostly female for some reason.

Possible succubus material (?) ^

Qareen/Hazmad:  Basically a tempter assigned to each person at birth.  Again, I'm not here to judge what is real and what is not for anyone.

Pari (Fairy):  Flying djinn who dwell near bodies of water like lakes and streams.  They are beautiful and they are female.  Once they have had sex with a human being, that human is pretty much doomed from having sex with a regular human female forever.  They are also very loyal and can prevent hexes and grant luck.

Possible Succubus Material ^

Shayteen/Shaitan:  Demons.  This is the Islamic version of demons.  These are not benevolent demons and want to fuck you up just because you're you.  I don't think these are the "demons" that demonolaters worship or deal with.  These are the cranky kick your ass type of demon.

Maadrid/Madrid:  Demon + Demons only worse.

Ifrit/Ifreet:  Demon ++ Piss yourself you're in big trouble.

Muwakil:  A holy djinn directly under a powerful angel.  These fuck up demons with a passion.

Khubuth:  These dwell in toilets (?)

Khinzab:  Helpers of demons.  They try to knock faithful people off of the straight and narrow.

Rooh:  These are djinn who interact with very small children.  They love children and are benign.

Possible Succubus Material (?) ^

Alnasnas/Shiqq:  Basically a djinn in human form split in two.  Very dangerous and ill tempered.

Palis:  Vampiric djinn with low intelligence.

Si'lat:  Expert shape-shifters and the smartest of the djinn.

Possible Succubus Material ^

Qarinah:  Arabic succubus spirit/djinn with origins in ancient egyptian religion or pre-Islamic arabia.

Definite Succubus Material ^

Yakshini:  The Indian version of a succubus/djinn.  They are beautiful, resemble fairies, and are depicted as quite voluptious.  They exist within Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain mythologies.

Definite Succubus Material^

There are at least 33 other spirits from varying cultural folklores that also would be considered succubi in attributes according to the wiki (wiki:  Succubus).

Where would Lilith fit into all of this?  I'm not sure.  I think she would be a Great Queen or a Goddess of the Djinn of some type - most likely of the Qarinah along with related succubi from other cultures.  However, maybe even various other types of spirits have banded together under Her leadership whom assume a succubus role themselves?

After all, a Qarinah in one culture is a Kitsune in another.  Just labels that vary by culture and myth.

In looking at this list, I find many categories of djinn who could be a succubus by choice as that goes.

Your guess is as good as mine.  As far as succubi in general, the Qarinah are an obvious fit.  However, for other types of djinn who could also take on a succubus role, I am partial to the Si'lat personally, as I've noticed that any succubi I've had have had the ability to perfectly shapeshift into a variety of animals (usually upon arival in my bed, then transforming into their normal selves), as well as being exceedingly smart and advanced spiritually.

Anything I've marked as "Succubus Material" is simply conjecture on my part.  I don't know the answers as I'm unfamiliar with the Djinn world and culture.  I do know that if a succubus is a type of djinn that they love presents, love, and attention just like any other being who would :)


Rafe GB.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Missing Link in Video Form

I found a video that answered many of my questions.

I've been nipping at Mena about a lack of sex and things like that, but after the video it hasn't been a problem anymore.

I'm pretty hesitant to upload demonolatry lectures because frankly I don't understand demonolatry, but in this case the lectures answered so many of my questions I've had in the back of my mind for so long that I'm going to post at least these two lectures anyway.

There's just too much information here that was spot on and it helped so much with my personal walk with Mena already that it would be selfish of me not to share.

Bookmark these, you'll be glad you did.

(Following this lecture, I am including the video lecture regarding the Letter Method by Succupedia which is what I had success with in summoning Mena)

Love and Sex With Demons:  What Actually Happens:

Letter to Lilith Asking for Familiar, Demonic Lover, or Spouse:


Rafe GB.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Thank You!

Me and Mena got into a short argument (it happens).

I told her that when I die I want to go live where she does and with her.  She told me that it's not that simple.

Why not?

Because at death there may be 10, 100, 1,000 different vibratory places where I can choose one to live within, to call my home.  Apparently "home" differs by degrees, and we're all so different.

And right now I only know of one (the underworld).

I originally thought that she didn't want me to live there with her,
but that was not the case.

The case she was trying to make is that I've only become accustomed to one very small part of a map with very limited vision, and that after death my options would become much clearer to me.

And so, I should understand why simply declaring that I'm choosing the underworld pre-death is silly.

She did salve my hurt feelings a bit by saying that she can be my underworld here...

Had to share ;)


Rafe GB.